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PREREQUISITES FOR ADVANCED COURSES -1 year experience with machine work – Bloodborne Pathogen Certified - 100 hour fundamentals certificate

Prerequisites for Fundamentals course - over 18, High School grad or GED Prerequisites for Continuing Education -Bloodborne Pathogen certified - 100 hour fundamentals certificate


  • Do I need to have previous training to take your courses?

    Fundamentals courses do not require any previous training. The requirements for The Complete Fundamentals courses are: Completed application and paid fees  • Approved Bloodborne Pathogen course and certificate . The student is required to take an OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens class as a pre-class assignment prior to any hands on procedures. • Hepatitis vaccine or declination form signed by student.   • Physically able to perform procedures  • 18 years of age or older

  • What is the prerequisite for continuing educations classes?

    Any student wishing to take hands on continuing education courses must first complete a 100 hour approved fundamentals course, have a current Bloodborne pathogens certificate, and currently be working in the Permanent Cosmetic or Tattooing Industry. In the event you have not completed a fundamental program and are working in the industry (as are many microblade artists) you can take our online fundamental refresher it includes the Complete Fundamentals book (400 page manual) and the online companion videos The fundamental refresher helps fill the gaps, answers many questions and becomes a great resource as you continue to expand your skills

  • What is included in the Complete Fundamentals Program?

    The Complete Fundamentals includes 1. The 400 page book. Permanent Cosmetics The Foundation of Fundamental Applications 2. On-line Companion to the reading course 3. Virtual Classroom 4. 7 days of Hands-On, In-Studio training. 5. Continuing ongoing support It is a full program, designed to get you up and running as a qualified Permanent Cosmetic Artist.

  • When are In-Studio classes offered?

    When a student signs up for an In- Studio class or workshop we will generally schedule the course within 30 days. The Hands-On, In-Studio Fundamental days are generally the last week of every month. As students complete the reading and online portions they need to schedule their In-Studio days.

  • What if I schedule a class, but cannot attend the next session?

    Your enrollment is good for future classes. Often our most requested classes (3D nipple, Eyeliner and Shaded Brows) are offered within a few months.

  • Can I get a refund for a virtual or online course?

    No, virtual and online courses are non-refundable. In-Studio days are prorated.

  • What is a Pre Order Available Now class?

    These are the In-Studio classes. Once you sign-up you will receive a note with options for dates for your course.

  • What is a Workshop?

    Workshop are short In-Studio days, These are generally one day workshops held on Mondays from 10am to 4pm. They cover many topics and are designed to give the student maximum information is a short period of time. They are fast paced, content loaded mini courses. Lunch is included.

  • Where is the In-Studio Training done?

    All In-Studio days are at our Phoenix, Arizona location 2525 W Greenway Rd, Suite 234, Phoenix, AZ